About College Of Applied Sciences

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The College was founded in 1987 in Sur. The purpose of the establishment is to be an Educational platform to produce cadres of teaching elementary and junior high schools in the Sultanate. 

In 1995 Royal Decree No. 42/95 where the total university graduates are awarded a bachelor degree in education. 

Sur College can be seen as the leading scientific institution and the witness to a thriving civilization in the eastern part of Oman. As well as Sur city is a Pearl of eastern coast and known to tourists through Forts, handicap, industries, fisheries and agriculture. Sur city located on the east coast of Oman and after three and a half hours drive from the city leadership Muscat. The city is a center for shipbuilding industry, including traditional and the turtle s site at the top of jeans. 

The admission of students of both genders is under the conditions stated by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The student used to choose among several disciplines, "Geography - History - Math / Computer - Islamic studies - studies of language (Arabic - English) - Science (Chemistry - Physics - Biology). 

Recently the six colleges, including the Sur College have converted to colleges of Applied sciences taught in English-language, the programs included are information technology, communication Studies and Applied Biotechnology.




Specific Area of Study

Information Technology

Information Technology Security

Computer Network

Software Development

Communication Studies

Public Relations

Digital Media


International Communication

Applied Biotechnology

Marine B.T

Agriculture and Food B.T


Environment B.T