Academic Accreditation

After the College passed the first stage of the academic accreditation of the Omani Academic Accreditation Authority in 2012 and resulted in the quality audit report in May 2013, the College is currently preparing for the second phase, the stage of institutional accreditation against standards. December 2019 was selected for the college s submission of the self-assessment report.  Then, the academic accreditation team will visit the college in March 2020.


To view the quality audit report for the first stage, please visit the following link bellow to the website of the Omani Accreditation Authority. The results of the report at this stage did not include success, failure or adoption, but were only recommendations to help institutions improve their performance and prepare for the stage of accreditation.


The following chart summarizes the accreditation process:


The Institutional Accreditation is against the following standards:

  1. Governance and Management
  2. Student learning by Course work programs
  3. Student learning by Research programs
  4. Staff Research and consultancy
  5. Industry and Community Engagement
  6. Academic Support Services
  7. Students and Students Support Services
  8. Staff and staff support Services
  9. General Support Services

For more details about the Standards and accreditation process, please visit the following link in the OAAA website:


The academic accreditation of the institution, in addition to the institutional accreditation, includes a program accreditation for the programs offered by the college, as well as the accreditation of the foundation program of the college.

The College is currently working through the Quality Assurance Department in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Committee to improve the College s performance to achieve academic accreditation standards, and prepare for institutional accreditation.

On the other hand, English department in cooperation with the program director in the Ministry and English departments in other CAS colleges preparing as well for the Foundation Program Accreditation, which will be implemented by from Jan. till March.2019.