The Department of Administration and Finance Affairs is one of the main departments in the college as it has a vital role in providing administrative and financial services.

The department has many responsibilities within the college. These responsibilities includes:


  • Setting the budget of the college.

  • Dealing with the purchases required by the college.

  • Disbursing staff salaries.

  • Providing means of transportation for staff inside and outside the College.

  • Making and maintaining contract in the college (maintenance, agriculture, cleaning, restaurant, books, water, and security).

  • Presenting and maintaining different tenders.

  • Providing maintenance services for the college.

  • Providing different statistics required by the college.

  • Participating in different committees inside the college.

  • Following up security and safety in the college.

  • Participating in developing the college and its performance by giving opinions and suggestions.

  • Welcoming faculty members and helping them in finding the suitable accommodation as well as introducing them to the society.

  • Managing the administrative and financial affairs for the faculty members (allowance, recruitment, medical test, fingerprint and visas).

It consists of three sections, namely:

  • Administrative Affairs Section

  • Finance Affairs Section

  • Human Resources Section

    These three sections within the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department are considered the base in the process of supplying the College with the services and materials needed to achieve the educational system. These sections contributed to many achievements in the College; some of which are: building and preparing the staff restaurant, assigning the project of artificial pitch, adding offices for faculty members, buying laptops for all faculty members, adjusting the College s store, establishing an ATM in cooperation with the National Bank of Oman, contracting with a professional company to manage the SMS system, furnishing the male and female students restaurant, adjusting and providing grass to places within the College, making corridors to connect the College s buildings with each other.