The Department of General Requirements is one of the important academic departments at the College. It provides a scientific provision for all students in a number of courses, namely:


1.     Islamic Culture: The aim of this course is to introduce students to the Islamic Culture, the concepts associated with it, its sources, characteristics and to identify its contemporary challenges, study faith and its components, recognize the ethics of the profession, and to explore the Islamic Civilization and its achievements for humanity and its impact on the Western Civilization.


1.     Arabic Language: The aim of this course is to enhance the status of the Arabic Language among the students by demonstrating artistic aspects of the Arabic language, and to urge students to learn the proper language methods in speech and writing, and achieving loyalty to the country and religion through the literary texts.


1.     The Omani Economy: This course sheds light on the early stages and developments that the Omani economy has undergone through the ages, with a focus on the study of contemporary Omani economy since the beginning of the blessed Renaissance until now. Through the course, the students recognize the different economic systems and the importance of the geographical location of Oman and strengthen the economic culture of the students.


1.     Mathematics: This course aims to reconfigure the concepts and basic mathematical skills of the students and expand the sound thinking and problem solving among the students.


1.     Introduction to Research Methods: This course aims to introduce the students to the correct research methodology, how to get an idea for ​​research, how to make a research plan, and to identify the ways to compile and analyse data and draw conclusions. The course also aims to help the students acquire the accurate research writing skills and the methods of referencing and other topics related to scientific research.


1.     Entrepreneurship: The course aims to expose undergraduate students of various academic backgrounds of business venturing and entrepreneurial activity. Students will apply themselves through developing their own business ideas and assessing them using knowledge and skills acquired during the course. It also gives an intensive practice oriented method of study in which students to be actively engaged in the development of a viable business plan.


Most important activities in the Department:


The Department participates in committees and different activities in the College. In addition, it works to strengthen communication with the local and international community through participating in lectures, seminars and various conferences. Moreover, the Department produces scientific research on an on-going basis, examines Masters Theses and participates in discussing research papers in scientific journals. The Department also participates in local and regional committees that serve the local and global community.