The Department runs the Mass Communication Program and offers six majors (bachelor s degree), namely:

1 – Journalism
2 – Public Relations
3 – Digital Media
4 – Media Management
5 – Advertising
6 – International Communication.

Jobs in the labour market *:

News editor, designer of educational materials, digital photographer, interactive media specialist, cultural activity specialist, public relations specialist, social networking / social media specialist, journalist, employee relations, customer service, film production, editing, TV programs/ radio programs director, audio technician, digital studios management, studios lighting technician, instant filming executive, a media organization management, media relations specialist, media specialist, international relations specialist.

* Note: the listed jobs do not necessarily mean restricting the certificate in these jobs and vice versa. The jobs listed are subject to change names and may differ from one institution to another in the labor market.


Most important activities in the Department:


  • The Digital Studio: The Department is in charge of the Digital Studio in collaboration with the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) in the College. The studio is dedicated to the production of television and radio programs, films production, and making advertising clips.


  • Public Relations Group: is a students group in the Department of Communication Studies. The group organizes a number of activities such as symposiums, seminars, awareness campaigns, and applying the public relations practices in the College and in the community.


  • Specialized workshops: The Communication Studies Department organizes a series of workshops and specialized training workshops in the programs that it offers; some of which are the management of digital studios, digital media, personal communication skills, and other titles related to the majors offered by the Department.


  • Scientific trips: The Communication Studies Department organizes periodic trips to several local and international community institutions that are competent in media, public relations and related fields so as for the students to acquire the skills and knowledge required in the labor market.