Quality Assurance Department:


The Department of Quality Assurance was established in college of Applied Sciences –Sur 20110 according to the Regulations of the Colleges Applied Sciences, which were issued by the Royal Decree 2007. The Departments annexed to the Dean and headed by a director appointed by Ministerial delegated decision.


This Department shall undertake the following duties:


  1. Coordinating the tasks of the College s Quality Assurance and documenting its relevant tasks and activities;


  1. Conducting studies and writing necessary reports on quality assurance in the College;


  1. Taking action to spread the culture of quality assurance throughout the College;


  1. Reviewing the standards and principles of quality assurance received from the competent authorities; and proposing methods to activate these standards and principles;


  1. Coordinating with the authorities concerned, quality assurance inside and outside the College;


  1. Submitting a quarterly report to the Dean and the College Council on quality assurance processes;


  1. Any other duties designated by the Dean.


Quality assurance departments work to improve the college s performance in order to meet the national and international standards of quality of higher education by following up and the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Omani Academic Accreditation Authority, and by applying a system involving four aspects:  


Planning is to develop the plans, strategies and mechanisms that the College needs to establish a quality assurance system


Implementation and follow-up, which is the stage following the planning


Evaluation, reports and statistics follow the implementation. Quality assurance department assesses the implementation, and prepares reports and statistics, which are considered as an indicator of the progress of the college, and then proposing the necessary improvements.


Awareness, education and training, during the transition from one stage to another, education and training accompany all stages.


Organizational Structure of the Quality Assurance Department

Quality Assurance Committee