Speech of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences on the occasion of the Academic Year 2020/2021

Dear/ Sons and daughters, male and female students,

Dear/ Brothers and sisters staff members and employees in our valued university,


As salamu aleikum wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuhu

The new AY 2020/2021 is shining in the premises of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, and I take this good opportunity to offer you, pioneers of science and knowledge, sincere congratulations on the birth of this university to which I welcome you all- throughout Oman.

The government, under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq - may God preserve and protect him - pays great attention to education, scientific research and innovation.

Investing in the human mind is the most successful and beneficial way to form the human being, which is the ultimate goal of the process of renewed renaissance, and building human capabilities and developing the educational process is the essence of this nation’s renaissance and the pillar of its progress. Human wealth is the most valuable asset of this beloved country and Oman’s youth form a fundamental stanchion in building its present and the future.

Dear all at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences,

I have been honored to be the first Vice Chancellor of this university. I am only one of you, inviting you to work together hand in hand to continue the efforts made by our predecessors - who owe us appreciation and gratitude- and we pledge ourselves to move forward further to upgrade this university to be a scientific and cognitive beacon contributing, therefore, to the process of development, progress and prosperity of our dear homeland Oman. That, we envisage, shall be based on the following:

Our true religion, which enlighten us by good morals, elegant conduct and right footing.

The history of Oman and its deep-rooted civilization, where we absorb originality, values ​​and grand ethics.

And the pearls of the supreme guidance of His Majesty the Sultan, our Leader, and Oman 2040 vision, which make us look forward to the future with a keen eye, conscious insight and steadfast determination to advance with confidence, perseverance, and willing to form a positive figure in the record of national achievements.

In conclusion, I pray to Almighty Allah, to bless our country with security, safety, and peace, and to raise our status by faith and solid belonging to this country, dear to all our hearts, and to guide everyone s footsteps to what is good.