A Student Career Guidance Centre has been established in every College of Applied Sciences to help carry out the Ministry of Higher Education’s policy of promoting high standards of education and producing outstanding graduates who are well-equipped to enter a highly-competitive job market inside and outside the Sultanate.

The rationale behind creating such Centres was to help students fulfil their professional aspirations by equipping them with the necessary tools to meet the challenges of professional life.


We strive to provide high-quality services to students and graduates, and be one of the best career guidance centres in the higher education field in the Sultanate.


We endeavour to:


  • provide guidance and support for College students in choosing and planning for their careers.

  • raise their awareness about the skills to succeed in the job market, and help them acquire those skills.

  • establish close relations with the different job sectors in the Sultanate.

  • enhance communication between the College and its graduates.




  • To develop awareness among students about the required skills in the labour market.

  • To help students discover their professional orientations and develop their professional aptitudes.

  • To coordinate with the various business sectors and strive to create good relationships with them, in order to find job and training opportunities for our College students.

  • To conduct studies to identify required skills for the labour market and the market’s needs in terms of college graduates.

  • To track the professional performance of our College graduates.