The English Club

The English Club is a proud, new initiative by English Department. Our team decided that it was a great idea to extend English outside of the classroom. Since its beginning, the English Club has run some very successful events including the Spelling Bee, International Day, and the Induction to New Students. In the English Club, we promote student-centred initiatives and try to hand over leadership and autonomy to the students. The students hold the events, vote on committees, and take part in planning, and implementing projects. As a result, students are not only improving their English, but the events have boosted their confidence, have taught them organisation skills and most importantly, working together as a team. Every semester, the Club organizes different exciting events: Spelling Bee,  Treasure Hunt, Open Day and Beach Clean-ups planned. Besides improving students’ English language skills, the students at Sur CAS English Club are very interested in promoting awareness of saving our beautiful planet. We aim to promote this sentiment strongly this, and every semester, here at Sur CAS.