It is my pleasure to welcome you at Sur College of Applied Sciences hoping that you will have a clear idea about the Academic Departments and the Academic Support Centers.


The above structures work together to achieve the main goal: providing the student with the required moral and materiel supports to guarantee success.


Sur CAS was created similarity to other CAS as Higher Education Institution in 2005/2006, replacing the previous Colleges of Education.


They work in various fields of knowledge to contribute in the (development of the Omani Society, taking into account the local, regional and global evolution.

It is also because we aspire to reach a higher level of excellence that Sur CAS has started the process of Quality Assurance in 2011/2012.


By submitting the self-report to the Omani Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) and receiving the Q.A auditing Panel during the first week of December 2012, Sur CAS has completed the first stage of the Q.A process.

We do believe that all efforts will converge so as everyone will contribute in achieving the CAS Sur s mission to serve the community, participate in the Scientific Research, and make our students well reversed into the most advanced Sciences and Technologies.



The Dean of the college